Swiss Battery Supplier Leclanché Becomes Bombardier Battery Supplier

- Nov 23, 2019-

Foreign media reported that Bombardier selected Swiss battery manufacturer Leclanché as its preferred supplier of global rail transport battery systems, and the potential business of the agreement will exceed 100 million euros in the next five years.

Under the agreement, Leclanché will supply lithium battery systems for approximately 10 different rail projects in Bombardier, which will cover its extensive range of train products using Leclanché's modular and packaging technology. In addition, the cooperation between the two parties will help the industry to get rid of the development of diesel and lead-acid batteries.

Frederick Hendrick, head of Bombardier Transportation's Energy and Motion Modules Center, said that Laclanché combined with Bombardier's traction technology can electrify all train types. Leclanché predicts that the demand for railway vehicle battery capacity will increase by 400% by 2025.

At present, vehicles such as two-wheelers, automobiles, airplanes, and ships are gradually electrifying, which will generate huge demand for lithium batteries in the future. Different application scenarios have also put forward different technical requirements for lithium battery systems, requiring battery manufacturers to develop according to the application environment of the products.

Currently, Swiss battery manufacturer Leclanché is commissioning Italian automation specialist Comau to build an automated production line for lithium battery modules for freight applications such as rail and shipping.

According to the two companies, this includes stacking and soldering soft pack batteries to final assembly of up to 32 different product configurations. A variety of settings are possible through the use of multiple articulated Comau robots and laser welders.

“Leclanché invested in the development of a DNVGL* certified battery system for marine applications and was the first battery supplier to fully comply with the 2015 regulations” said Leilnché CEO Anil Srivastava, the company's cooperation with Comau will enable Leclanché to be industrial scale Production of leading energy storage solutions for electronic transmission and electronic marine applications ensures Leclanché's position as a supplier of energy storage solutions.