Are You Ready? The Next Generation Volkswagen Beetle Will Use Battery Power Systems

- Sep 29, 2019-

Foreign media reported that the Volkswagen Beetle will be eliminated from the global market next year, and the current Beetle will be the last generation of the model. Volkswagen relaunched the iconic car as a front-wheel-drive model in 1997, and the current Beetle is already in its second generation. The foreign media revealed that the German car manufacturer is planning to produce an all-electric beetle.

The next generation Volkswagen Beetle is expected to use a battery powered system. In addition, the next-generation model may be a four-door model rather than the iconic two-door body style. In fact, the next model can be returned to the rear wheel drive setup, which is the first time to offer the 'Type 1' 1945 Bettle at the beginning. It is expected to be developed on the meb architecture.

Klaus Bischoff, director of mass design, said the company will focus on producing more electric cars before deciding to produce better electric cars. The company also described the shape of the four-door beetle based on the meb platform. However, the decision to introduce the next Beetle electric car will take several years.