Behind China's Electric Car Boom: A Lack Of Good Battery Recycling Systems

- Nov 01, 2017-

China's energy storage network: tesla has issued an unprecedented release of the Model S/X for a country, and a rare free new national standard charging adapter for owners.

It is clear that China has become the world's largest market for electric vehicles and a must-see for many domestic and foreign carmakers.

Morgan Stanley recently in the report pointed out that a global electric vehicle, led by China, the United States and the European Union big change is coming, and China is expected to turn to overtake the way to catch up with other developed countries in this change.

In the past five years, sales of new energy vehicles in China's passenger car market have grown strongly, with annual compound growth of 131%, far exceeding the us (55%), Norway (94%) and Japan (81%).

Sales of new energy vehicles surpassed that of the us for the first time in 2014-2015.

In five years, China's share of the global market for new energy vehicles has risen sharply from 10% to 44%.

Xin guobin, vice minister of industry and information technology, said on BBS that the ministry of industry and information technology has put the ban on fuel vehicles on the research catalogue.

On BBS, China's top 100 electric cars, Chen qingtai, head of China's electric car company, also pointed out that there is no doubt about the trend of electric power.

In the face of environmental problems, a change in the way of travel is under way.

Replacing fuel cars with electric vehicles has become a global consensus, and China is no exception.

In recent years, China's propaganda about electric cars has brought a lot of benefits to our country because of its reliance on fossil fuels, which has polluted the air.

But it is a good thing also can have some drawbacks, but about electric vehicles, such as electric vehicle battery in the case of not after a certain processing is toxic, and China will soon need to deal with a lot of can't again make use of the battery.

Sources of electric vehicles in China, the lithium iron phosphate battery service life to an average of five years, China's largest electric car battery cycle in 2016 the President of the company's bond group Li Changdong in an interview with the media revealed that between 2012 and 2014, begin to use most of the lithium battery will be widespread failure in 2018.

About 250,000 tons of batteries are expected to fail by 2020, nearly 20 times the number of batteries that were depleted in 2016.

Is the core of electric vehicle batteries, while China now requires a good battery recycling system, but because of the complex chemical process, the cell cycle is not a simple matter, improper handling can let cell of heavy metals on soil and water pollution.

According to China's 2015 electric car battery policy, auto makers need to be responsible for their battery cycles.

But many auto makers leave the blame to battery suppliers, which can hardly support a country's battery cycle.

Now China's battery recycling industry is small and fragmented, and its recycling costs are high.

That leaves most people out of the battery cycle.