Beijing Has Built About 127,000 Charging Piles

- May 24, 2018-

Recently, the reporter learned from the Beijing City Urban Management Committee  that by the end of April 2018, the city has built about 127000 charging piles, and the number of electric cars than about 0.7:1, guarantee the electric car charge demand different areas.

The reporter learned that in the private area of private use, the personal fixed parking space in the residential area, about 90, 000 self-charging piles have been built, accounting for 75% of the personal electric vehicles.

In social public areas, about 2,000 places have been built in public parking lots, such as large shopping malls, supermarkets, parks, scenic spots, transportation hubs and parking Spaces, and expressway service areas.20000 public charging pile (how fast filling quantity than about 6:4), and personal electric vehicles than about 1:6, exceed the national goals for 1:7 (target) in 2020, has formed six ring within the scope of the average public charging network service radius of 5 km.