Best 12-Volt Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

- May 22, 2020-

The plan for buying a reliable lithium battery is not an easy task. Consumers do find a lot of different options around the pricing spectrum. As human beings try to buy the best product at a cheaper price, but you should be sure that the battery you purchase should not be cheap but be cheaper. Some manufacturers would try using an inexpensive material and cut those rough corners while building cells so that they can maximize their profit.

Batteries with properties of lithium as their anode are called lithium batteries. Those who have lithium as their property are entirely portable electronics like cell phones, laptops, electric cars, and solar markets. As we know that lithium is lightweight and has a high energy of density and efficiency. And lithium batteries are portable for consumer electronic devices, medical equipment, power backups, solar energy, and electric vehicles.

Lithium is a premium battery technology and has a longer life span with higher efficiency, but you must pay more money to boost the performance. If your intent is to buy the best 12-volt lithium battery, then you’re in the right place.

How much does a 12-volt lithium battery cost?

The cost of the lithium battery has gone down from the last few years, as the manufacturers are using more lithium batteries and increasing practically. The price of 12Ah- 12.8V lithium battery is almost $949. The amount of the lithium battery is already higher due to its capacity.

12V 12.8V LFP battery


How do you think a lithium battery worth the cost?

The cost of a Lithium battery can be calculated based on some elements lie:

  • Logistics: We would pay only if the elements are wort of cost and if you can carry lithium with you then it is worth paying it.

  • Fast Charging: Lithium batteries can really charge and recharge fast. Researchers have found that Solar experts which has lithium battery can fully charge within two hours. A mobile battery has lithium battery involved in it, so they do load fast and gives a full day backup.

  • Maintenance fee: Lithium batteries are going so they do not require high maintenance for better performance. Some cells have nickel-cadmium, which helps to prevent discharge. Whereas lithium batteries, on the other hand, has no memory effect. That means that they would surely be discharged before charging.

  • High efficiency: Lithium batteries are highly reliable and stable. They do have long-lasting power. They have a high-power capacity means or you can also say a high energy density. The high energy density enables its usage of high-power electronics like laptops and mobile phones.

  • Cycle Life- More than 3000 times: The best of lithium batteries is that they have a life span of over ten years on an average. They can handle more than 3000times of charge and discharge cycles. And these lithium batteries are generally smaller and lighter in weight.


How do you choose the best 12-volt lithium battery?

Lithium batteries have many advantages such as charge efficiency and long life span, to name a few. They are low maintenance and are perfect for investment.

  • Energy Density: The meaning of energy density is the potential energy that the battery can provide us and the overall weight of the system. This means that if your battery is of high potential energy then they would provide us high power with a low weight of the battery and if they have a low energy density that means they would supply less power with more of weight.

  • Durability: Every battery has different chemistry which is more susceptible which affects the factors like impact, temperature, vibrations, humidity or magnetic fields and many more. These are some of the factors which can impact the battery so that they can discharge soon. So, we can say that physical external factors can affect the performance of the battery.

  • Price: You would like to purchase the best product at the best price but as everyone knows that lithium itself is costly so the price would be a hike at some end. But if you want to buy something costly you would get a good product at less weight and more capacity for voltage.

  • Battery Memory: One surprising fact is that batteries are normally trained. So, that they can perform well while functioning. Funny right but true. Batteries are trained in a way that they can hold less than their total available charge.

  • Lifetime: You should have a battery who have enough warranty on their batteries. As the batteries are those which are used daily. So, that is why you would every time search for a battery that has a reasonable and long warranty period. And The guarantee would always show you the confidence behind the company in what it can be sold.

  • Less Maintenance: Lithium batteries do not have to be checked like any other batteries. As they don’t have liquid electrolytes that have to be checked and don’t have any terminals that corrode.

  • Manufactures: You should always check which brand are you going to pick for yourself. A brand you buy should always be trusted and should be reviewed by the other customers. So, purchase a brand that is branded and does check the company logo and marks in it.

  • Size and Light Weight: Lithium batteries are smaller in size and are also lighter in weight which lets them cost more. So, if you want to shift your cells at a smaller place, you can use this battery.

Lithium batteries are lighter and can be carried easily if they are kept in any electronics, and they can provide a longer cycle life. They weight about 1/3 compared to any other acid batteries. If you use a lithium battery, you don’t have to worry about the wight as they can add more batteries in it.

You are already lithium ready. You know all the benefits of why you should choose a 12v lithium battery. So, consider all the points and buy and use the battery.