Bidding For Germany's 200MW Pv Project, The Average Price Of The Bid Is 4.67 Euro/KWH

- Apr 20, 2018-

In Germany's recent 200MW wind power and solar energy bidding project, the pv project has won all 200MW installations.The Bundesnetzagentu, the federal network administration, said it was bidding for a total of 395MW.


The average price of the project is 4.67 euro (0.0578 usd /kWh) per kilowatt hour.The price range is 3.96-5.76 euro.The average price is slightly higher than the 4.33 euro point price that was previously restricted to solar power in Germany.

The average onshore wind power price of two bids is 7.23 euro per kilowatt hour.

JochenHomann, President of the federal network administration, said the lowest bidder would win the bid and Germany would continue to support other generators.