Black Electric Cabs Can Travel Up To 400 Miles On The Streets Of London

- Dec 08, 2017-

China's energy storage network: an electric taxi produced by the London electric car company (LEVC) will appear on the streets of London on November 29, 2017, foreign media reported.The six all-electric cabs are designed with skylights and a great one, which can range up to 400 miles.The electric taxi also offers wi-fi and USB charging devices.

Chris Gubbey, chief executive of London electric car company, said: "you can see very clearly this is a London black cab.However, everything is new: an all-aluminum body and an electric engine and a new one.Most importantly, it will not pollute the air in London."The electric taxi will save an average of 100 pounds a week.

Pat Follen, an old driver of a 10-year fuel truck, recently started using electric cars."It's not just a step forward, it's a thousand steps forward, it's a completely different world," he said.All you can hear is the sound of tires running on the asphalt, and the wind."

The new rules, introduced a few weeks ago by the electric car in London, stipulate that new taxis are either hybrids or completely zero-emission vehicles.By 2021, more than 9,000 electric taxis are expected to hit the streets of London.

The London electric car company is also planning to launch 225 electric vehicles in Amsterdam aimed at providing transport services for the elderly and people with disabilities.Gubbey added that the company is preparing to launch the model elsewhere in Europe.By 2020, the London electric car company expects to sell 10,000 cars a year, half of which will be sold outside the UK.