Black Technology: Brine Or Can Be Used As A Flexible Battery Electrolyte

- Aug 14, 2017-

In order to make the battery can be more safely for wearable power supply equipment and medical equipment, the scientists have developed a new flexible batteries, can use the salt water for its power supply, the future may even can take advantage of the blood, sweat and tears for its power supply.This new battery is described in a paper published this week in Chem.


The researchers say the batteries are safer because they do not use toxic chemicals: they are powered by liquids such as relatively harmless saltwater.The battery has three main components: two conductive metal electrodes - a positive metal electrode and a negative electrode, and an electrolyte solution.When the battery is powered by a device, ions release electrons and move from one electrode to another through an electrolyte solution.


Studies have shown that in many flexible batteries, these electrolyte solutions are made from strong acids or toxic chemicals.But these things are corrosive, flammable or poisonous.That's why scientists at China's fudan university have come up with a new way to replace these toxic electrolyte solutions.


The batteries they develop have two different forms.An electrolyte that looks like a belt consisting of two flat electrodes and sandwiched between them.Another form of battery consists of two filaments made of carbon nanotubes.


The researchers experimented with several different types of electrolyte solutions.The most effective is sodium sulfate.But saline solution is also very effective.Ultimately, fluids like blood, sweat or tears may also power the battery, the researchers said.