BMW Group Is Developing A New Generation Of Solid-state Battery Technology For Electric Vehicles

- Mar 14, 2018-

BMW recently announced that it will work with us solid power company to develop a new generation of solid-state battery technology for electric vehicles to meet the level and requirements required for high-performance electric vehicles.

It is reported that last September, wanxiang's A123 systems company, as a leading investor, jointly invested in the Solid Power company of the United States.A123 systems inc., has been committed to the development of high energy density, long service life, good safety of a new generation of battery, layout of world-class battery technology is one of the important development strategy of A123 systems company.

Founded in 2012 in Colorado, the company focuses on developing and expanding competitive solid-state batteries, with particular emphasis on battery safety, performance and cost.Through a series of upgrades and improvements in technology and materials, solid power has achieved a breakthrough that has created a solid-state battery with a capacity of 2-3 times higher than conventional lithium ions.The technology could offer BMW group electric cars with a higher range, longer service life and high temperature, solid-state batteries.It is reported that BMW will use solid-state batteries on its xEV train.BMW's partnership with solid-state power will drive the development of the xEV battery.