Bolivia's Largest Photovoltaic Power Station Opened

- Sep 14, 2018-

Bolivia's largest photovoltaic power station, uyuni, was officially opened on September 8.Bolivian President evo morales attended the inauguration ceremony and said that with favorable geographical conditions, Bolivia will continue to reduce the consumption of natural gas in thermal power generation, expand the development and use of renewable energy such as solar energy, and increase the export of electricity to neighboring countries while meeting the country's electricity demand.


The uyuni photovoltaic power station is located in potosi province, central Bolivia. It is 3,700 meters above sea level and covers an area of 105 hectares. It is equipped with about 190,000 solar panels with an installed capacity of 60 megawatts.The $73.6 million plant was built in August 2016 by Bolivia's state electric company in partnership with Spain's northern electric group.

Currently, more than 70 per cent of Bolivia's electricity is generated by natural gas, about 20 per cent by hydropower and the rest by renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal.The Bolivian government began large-scale construction of megawatt solar power stations in 2014.So far, five such plants have been connected to the grid, with a total installed capacity of 150 megawatts, or 7 percent of the total installed capacity of power plants nationwide.