BP Has Launched Its First Battery Storage Project At An American Wind Farm

- May 07, 2018-

As part of the expanding its renewable energy business, BP (BP) announced on Tuesday has made cooperation with Tesla (Tesla), wind farms in the United States conducted its first battery storage project.

Tesla will provide a 212-megawatt / 840-megawatt battery system in the second half of this year in south Dakota's BP Titan 1 wind farm.

Tesla's massive battery system will be able to store the power generated by windy days, providing an important business advantage for the unstable energy that relies on wind power.

BP said in a statement: "the experience and lessons learned from the project will enable BP to evaluate in the future and development of battery application make better decisions, the project will also support the BP wider strategy, namely to low-carbon technologies to invest $500 million a year, including renewable energy portfolio of projects has been established, and the new low carbon business items."Last November, tesla wind farms in southern Australia has completed the construction of the world's largest lithium ion battery system, will be dedicated to solving the problem of the state's power grid, and in the case of a power outage for 100000 families power supply for one hour.

BP expects renewables to account for about 10 per cent of global energy demand by 2035, up from 4 per cent today.Almost all of the power grids have a standby power supply that can be used during low energy demand periods and when needed.But most of the backup power is fossil fuel power.Tesla's battery system proved that a renewable battery storage system could eliminate the need for backup fossil-fuel plants in the future.