Brazil Has Built The Largest Solar Park In Latin America

- Dec 11, 2017-

China energy storage net news: Latin America in the northeast of Brazil's largest solar park 28 skin the Illinois, in the park, a total of 930000 solar panels installed, installed capacity of 292 megawatts, to 300000 households.

The solar park, called new Olympia, covers an area of nearly 690 hectares, the size of 700 football fields, and all solar panels can change direction depending on the location of the sun.The park is run jointly by the Italian state power company and its Brazilian subsidiary, and the Italian state power company has invested $300 million in 2015.

Enel Brazilian subsidiary director carlos zardari says, Brazil now have solar power cost is greatly reduced, was only about a quarter of 2009, so the solar power will be very competitive in the future.

It is located in northeastern Brazil, with low latitudes, plenty of sunshine, and geographical advantages to send electricity to other states.According to estimates by the local power sector, over the next 10 years, pio will generate 30 per cent more power than it is now, half of which is new energy.