Norwegian Researchers Claim A Major Breakthrough In Lithium-ion Batteries

- Sep 28, 2019-

The story we heard before is that Hyundai has invested in IonicMaterials, a solid-state battery company in the United States. Today, we have a future news, just out of the forefront of the battery field. Researchers at the Norwegian Department of Energy Technology (IFE) announced in Kild that they have found a perfect way to replace the graphite commonly used in lithium-ion batteries with silicon.

According to the researchers, the discovery will make it easier for electric cars to last more than 600 miles. "You can say that we have found that unknown element, and that it has great potential. It is also something that scientists around the world are trying to create," IFE research director Arve Holt said in a report published on Bergens Tidende.

Pure silicon has ten times the capacity of graphite, but it loses energy faster than graphite. Researchers have found a way to mix silicon and other elements to create a stable and long-lasting anode that is three to five times more powerful than conventional graphite anodes. Laura Brodbeck of Kjeller Innovation Studio is committed to commercializing this technology. She said the new technology is being sent to test materials manufacturers and battery manufacturers to see if they can be successfully commercialized.

“To reach consumers effectively, new materials and battery technologies must be manufactured under large-scale industrial production. This is the direction we work with our partners,” Brodbeck said, but she declined to say where the tests were. Several companies. She also confirmed that Norwegian companies are interested in this project like companies in other countries. “Kjeller Innovation Studio and IFE are actively working together to apply this technology to industrialization as soon as possible. Our goal is to work with more participants to promote this technology.”

“We have tested it in a laboratory environment and it works very well. Now we have received support from the research committee FORNY2020 project, we will test it with our international counterparts to witness the industrialization process of this technology. Our The project will focus on bringing new materials to the market. We named the project 'SiliconX', which will also become an exciting job, especially in collaboration with Kjeller Innovation Studios for such a big goal." One researcher, Marte O. Stake, said.

Professor AnnMari Svensson of the Department of Materials Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found the results of the study interesting, but also expressed some concern. “They have done the perfect result, but when it comes to the industrialization of this research, cost is the key. It is very likely that it can make a better product than the battery on the market, but it is possible that the cost is out of control and the root cause No one pays."

In any case, such a story is exciting. But we are afraid that there is still a long way to go before we can buy these batteries at the local AutoZone store. But you can almost feel that the speed of battery technology is now accelerating every moment. We do live in an interesting age!