Britain Could Build Its First Small Modular Reactor In 2030

- Mar 07, 2018-

Rolls-Royce said it would take 12 years to build a prototype reactor built in the UK.Britain is one of several countries to assess the feasibility of building a small modular reactor, and they are looking for cleaner alternatives to coal.Small modular reactors are considered a cheaper, more manageable option than large ones.

Woods engineering company strategy and business development director, said in an interview in Prague, Rolls-Royce need five years to complete the permit application and design review, and the first 440 mw prototype heap construction needs to seven years.The follow-up unit will take only four years.

Mr. Woods said the company had negotiated small modular reactors with several countries in central and eastern Europe.According to the international atomic energy agency, 16 countries, including Albania, Russia and Turkey, expressed interest in the technology.