Britain Has Launched A New Plan To Promote Smart Energy Systems

- Sep 01, 2017-

China energy storage network: the UK government and the office of the natural gas and electricity markets (Ofgem) recently launched a new plan to upgrade the country's energy system.

The plan aims to use smart technology and battery technology to better manage household and corporate energy consumption and store excess electricity.These changes are expected not only to help create new business opportunities and jobs, but also to save up to $40 billion in energy costs over the next decade.

Greg Clark, UK business secretary, said: "upgrading the energy system to ensure that it ADAPTS to the future is a key part of our industrial strategy.Smarter energy system for we provide the opportunity to cut energy costs, increase productivity, and is helpful to make the UK companies in terms of intellectual exchange energy technology and services exports is in the lead."

Under the new plan, the government plans to install smart meters, which it says will enable power providers to offer lower electricity prices.

The meters are also reported to have enabled companies to develop smart appliances and electronic devices that can be operated on their phones.

The plan also allows consumers to use energy at the cheapest possible time and to receive rewards when sending electricity to the grid.