Britain Is Actively Involved In China's New Round Of Offshore Wind Power

- Dec 07, 2017-

China energy storage net news: Britain's offshore wind and ejection center has said that the British innovation department will support its actively conduct cooperation with China, to share the Chinese wind power construction market of $100 billion over the next few years.

The cooperation is called "international offshore wind power research platform", funded by the British innovation department, with ORE Catapult, British wind relevant enterprises and research and development personnel to enhance with the Chinese ministry of science and technology, China's major wind farm developers and the Chinese association of wind energy equipment, helping UK companies develop and implement the specific market solutions, to accelerate the development of China offshore wind.

The Chinese government has announced it will invest $100 billion in wind power projects by 2020, a big opportunity for high-tech companies in the UK's offshore wind supply chain, says ORE Catapult.

Although before cooperation with China is more academic, but China's new construction climax for UK companies including small and medium-sized enterprises and related industry technology developer with a win the business opportunity in China.

China now has 146GW of onshore wind capacity, 40 per cent of the world's total installed capacity, and plans to install 5GW of offshore wind power in the south China sea by 2020.ORE Catapult's research platform could push British companies to provide technical solutions to the new shandong offshore wind farm in the south China sea, which will exceed 200 mw.ORE Catapult thinks it has world-class technology, world-leading testing and demonstration fields, and a complete supply chain.The "international offshore wind research platform" project will promote the UK's new opportunities to align with the world's fastest growing offshore wind power market and provide opportunities for the UK to develop its global supply chain.