Britain Requires All New Homes To Be Recharged With Electric Cars

- Jul 18, 2018-

On July 10th it emerged that a new British proposal would require all new homes to be able to charge their electric cars.In addition to homes, the lampposts near street parking Spaces will also be equipped with chargers.Investment in charging infrastructure has taken the UK a step towards banning fossil-fuel cars in 2040.

To retrofit and install new chargers for public use, the British government will invest $530m to fund companies that produce and install the necessary hardware.As part of the automation and electric vehicles act, charging stations will also be installed at service stations near highways and at many conventional gas stations.

One difficulty with electric cars is that they still take longer to charge than gasoline or diesel.Fortunately, battery technology has actually improved over the past few years.As the energy density increases, the battery life cycle improves.By 2024, electric cars are expected to rival fossil fuel vehicles in driving range and "refueling" time.