Britain's CDC Has Launched New Companies For Solar And Wind Energy In South Asia

- Jan 08, 2018-

Recently, the government's development financial institution, the CDC, announced the launch of a new independent solar and wind power company in South Asia, focusing on markets in India and neighboring south Asian countries.

The fully funded by the CDC Ayana renewable energy companies will develop "hundreds of megawatts of power generation capacity, focus on the shortage of national power in India and Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma and Sri Lanka and other neighboring countries.

The CDC named Shivanand Nimbargi as managing director and CEO of Ayana.Nimbargi has been the general manager and chief executive of Green Infra, a renewable energy company in India, which, from 2011 to 2016, increased capacity from 150 megawatts to 700 megawatts under him.

Dr. P.J. Nayak was also named Ayana's chairman.Mr. Nake, former chairman and chief executive of the bank, served as co-secretary of the Treasury Department.

"Ayana's strategic vision is to build renewable energy generation capacity across South Asia and gradually develop into areas near nearby communities," said nayak.

Early in October this year, the CDC provided a $97 million loan, as an international financial company leadership part of a package of financing plan, used in large solar park in 1.2 GW of Egypt, to build 13 solar power stations, a total installed capacity of 752 megawatts.

Last October, Britain's largest solar energy company also achieved success in India.Lightsource renewable energy and UK climate investment corporation (UKCI) have reached a partnership on the development, acquisition and ownership of solar assets in India's utilities.