British Inventors Develop Energy - Saving Dung Lamps

- Mar 28, 2018-

British inventor Stephen Harper says in the UK, an average of about 700,000 tons of dog dung is produced each year, and the United States has more than 10 million tons.To find the use of these seemingly useless things, Mr Harper has transformed commercially viable biodegraders, using dog poop as fuel, and developing "dung lamps".

Harper set up the first "dung lamp" in the Malvern hills in worcestershire, England.

Power generation process is that people will be equipped with dog poop bag, throw into the street at the bottom of the collecting barrel, turn aside the handle next 5 to 6, spiral drill break paper bag, let shit into biological resolver.Dog excrement will be decomposed by microbes, producing bio-gas to drive gas lamps.

According to Harper, roughly 10 bags of dog poop can be used for about two hours.The green energy-saving street lamp is still being renovated, and Harper hopes to spread it around the world in the future.