British Scientists Develop High-energy Liquid Flow Batteries

- Oct 15, 2018-

Professor Lee Cronin, from the department of chemistry at the university of Glasgow, has developed a new kind of liquid-flow battery that USES very high concentrations of metal oxides to make electrolytes.It has about 10 times the energy density of existing liquid-flow batteries, so it could be used in electric vehicles.

Since the battery is made of liquid, not solid, it is replenished from the electrolyte stored in the tank when the power is low.Like regular gasoline or diesel cars, it takes only a few minutes to fill up.The tesla 3 electric car, for example, has a 70 kilowatt-hour battery, while the new liquid-flow battery requires 70 liters, the same size as the gasoline car's fuel tank.


New liquid-flow batteries can be added using existing pumps at petrol stations, so no new infrastructure is needed.Of course, since the electrolyte is corrosive, storage tanks and pipes need to be upgraded for corrosion.In addition, because electrolytes are simple inorganic salts in water, they can control battery aging.