British Universities Are Developing New Electric Car Batteries That Can Be Recharged By Adding Water To Them

- Aug 31, 2018-

Researchers in Glasgow have introduced a different kind of battery than normal: using metal oxides, which they call "" exotic rust." "When you add water to the battery, you charge it.When the battery runs out, the driver cleans the rust with a suction nozzle and refills the battery with water.

英国大学研发新型电动汽车电池 加水即充电

The challenge for some European countries planning to make the transition to electric vehicles is to find a sustainable way to make them last long.This includes the construction of charging station infrastructure and how to define a better charging station range.According to the BBC, the battery-powered car will be able to be charged at a charging station, just like today's petrol-powered cars.

Professor cronin explained that charging time seems to be an almost insurmountable hurdle for the popularity of electric vehicles, and even charging a vehicle through a supercharger station can take anywhere from half an hour to 45 minutes to wait.And the advantage of the battery is that drivers don't have to wait hours for it to be recharged, and can simply fill up the water and leave, as in traditional electric vehicles.

However, professor lee cronin, who led the research team, said it was relatively easy to produce the concept battery, but the real challenge was to expand it to a car and then mass produce it.Still, he believes that if successful, its higher transmission capacity will allow the battery to be used more widely.