By 2030 Europe's Wind Power Capacity Will Reach 323 Gigawatts

- Oct 08, 2017-

According to the European wind energy association, Europe will have 323 gigawatts of wind power by 2030, producing 30 percent of its electricity needs.


This estimate is based on the right policies to be put in place, including greater certainty of long-term earnings stability, the integration of renewable energy systems and the commitment to electrification.

The 323 gigawatt capacity includes 253 gigawatts of land capacity and 70 gigawatts of sea capacity.

That's a significant increase from the 160 gigawatts in 2016, including most of the installed upgrades or extended lifespans.

Outlook 2020, according to the European wind energy association, the European wind power installed capacity in 2017 is expected to break through 14 gw, the next four years on average in a 12.6 gw of new capacity, installed capacity of 204 gigawatts by 2020.

In just six countries, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium will make up the bulk of the new capacity.

"Wind power is now the cheapest source of electricity."

Giles Dickson, the association's President, added that there was uncertainty about the 2020 outlook.

He called for binding and ambitious national energy and climate action plans to ensure deployment targets beyond 2020.