BYD Car All Models Of This Year And Next Year Are Equipped With Blade Batteries

- Apr 24, 2020-

Increase Energy Density by 50%! BYD: All Models of This Year and Next Year are Equipped with Blade Batteries

Today, BYD revealed on the conference call that BYD's new models will be equipped with blade batteries in 2020 and 2021.

In terms of battery safety, lithium iron phosphate batteries have a natural advantage over ternary lithium batteries and are less likely to catch fire and explode when mounted on electric vehicles. However, the low energy density of the lithium iron phosphate battery leads to a large amount of flaws in the electrical energy capacity.

To this end, BYD handed over the hard-core answer "blade battery", which was officially released at the end of March, and has the advantages of high safety, long life and long battery life. Compared with traditional iron batteries, the volume specific energy density is increased by 50%, and the cost is reduced by 30%, so that the life of electric vehicles can reach more than one million kilometers.

The blade battery is another innovation of BYD based on lithium ferrophosphite technology. Its volume energy density is the same as that of mainstream ternary lithium batteries. The stored power in the same volume is almost the same, but the safety performance is far beyond ternary lithium. battery.

In addition, BYD's new mid-size coupe-Han EV is the first model with a "blade battery". It uses a front and rear dual-motor full-time four-wheel drive. The total power of the front and rear motors reaches 363kW, making its acceleration time of 100 kilometers only 3.9 seconds. .

Among them, under the condition of full power output, the output voltage of the blade battery reaches 570 volts. With the cooperation of the advanced thermal management system, the peak current can reach 800A. Single charge, the maximum cruising range can reach more than 600 kilometers.

At present, BYD Han has officially opened the reservation, and the new car is available in EV (pure electric) and DM (plug-in hybrid) versions. The starting price is expected to be 290,000 yuan, which will be listed in June this year.