BYD's Blade Battery Has Been Mass-produced, Many Car Companies Are Discussing Cooperation

- Apr 02, 2020-

BYD's "blade battery" Has Been Mass-produced, Many Car Companies Are Discussing Cooperation

Comparing with the CTP technology of the CATL, BYD's "blade battery", which has been paying close attention to in the industry, shows its true appearance today. On March 29, BYD held a special press conference for "blade batteries". At the press conference, He Long, vice president of BYD and chairman of Ford Battery, revealed that blade batteries have entered mass production. "At present, most new energy vehicle brands are already discussing cooperation with us on 'blade batteries'." Battery will take you to the relevant highlights of the press conference.


Significant improvement in space utilization

It is reported that the traditional battery pack consists of battery cells to form battery modules, and then battery modules to form PACKs. However, in this process, the space utilization rate of the battery cell module is only about 80%, and in order to ensure the strength of the battery pack, the battery module will be installed with many structural components, so that the module to PACK space utilization rate is only about 50%. Therefore, the overall space utilization of existing conventional battery packs is only about 40% (80% * 50%).

The idea given by BYD is to use a "blade battery" that is both an energy body and a structural component. The "blade battery" developed based on this idea has greatly increased the space utilization of the battery pack to more than 60%, and the energy of the battery pack has been obtained. Significantly improved, which in turn led to a significant increase in mileage.

Battery pack consisting of 100 "blade cells"


It is easy to fold a blade when it is placed horizontally, but it is significantly more difficult to fold it if it is placed vertically. If you put 100 blades upright, you can imagine the strength. According to He Long, BYD has developed the "blade battery" based on this idea. According to Battery, there are 100 blade batteries in BYD's blade battery stack, which are similar to 100 "beams" with internal strength of fixed battery packs. This is a reference to the structural design advantages of honeycomb aluminum plates. At the same time, high-strength plates are installed above and below the battery stack, so that the battery pack can achieve "super strength" and thus be more secure.

Tailored for lithium iron phosphate, changing the industry's dependence on ternary batteries

At the press conference, BYD's founder Wang Chuanfu said that in the field of new energy passenger cars, many companies are caught in the comparison of mileage. The pressure of this comparison will be passed on to power batteries, allowing the industry to "Density" produces irrational pursuits. He also pointed out, "It is the unrealistic pursuit of the battery's" energy density "that has completely deviated from the development path of the power battery industry, and has paid an extremely heavy price for the safety reputation of new energy passenger cars! The past few years Because of the uneven technology and quality control levels of different companies in the battery industry, coupled with the characteristics of the ternary material itself, the number of self-ignition and even deflagration of electric vehicles has increased significantly. "

The lithium iron phosphate material itself has very good thermal stability, with high exothermic starting temperature, slow exotherm, low heat production, and no oxygen release. Coupled with the structural safety design of "blade batteries", Wang Chuanfu believes that BYD blade batteries will change the industry's dependence on ternary batteries, return the technical route of power batteries to the right path, and redefine the safety standards for new energy vehicles.

He Long said that the "blade battery" is another innovation of BYD based on lithium ferrophosphate technology. Its volumetric energy density is the same as that of mainstream ternary lithium batteries, and the stored power under the same volume is almost the same, but the safety is far More than ternary lithium batteries.


At the press conference, acupuncture experiments on three products, such as ternary lithium batteries, ordinary lithium iron phosphate batteries, and "blade batteries" announced by BYD, showed that ternary lithium batteries experienced dramatic temperature changes and surface temperatures at the moment of needle needling. It quickly exceeded 500 ℃ and began to burn violently; the traditional lithium iron phosphate block battery has no open flame and smoke, and the surface temperature reaches 200 ℃ ~ 400 ℃; "blade battery" has no open flame and smoke after penetration, and the battery surface temperature 30 ℃ -60 ℃.

Open sharing will be supplied to other car companies in the future

At the press conference, BYD revealed that its "blade battery" will be first installed in the "Han" model, and it is expected to be officially put on the market in June this year. At the press conference, Wang Chuanfu said, "In the future, BYD's technology and products will be open and shared to the world."

He Long revealed at the press conference, "Today, almost all automobile brands you can think of are discussing with us the cooperation scheme based on the` `blade battery '' technology.

Recently, BYD announced to the outside its "Fudi" brand strategy, which aims to further accelerate the external sales of new energy vehicle core components. At the press conference, BYD compared the relationship between the Fudi system and BYD to the relationship between planets and stars. "Every company in the Verdi Department is not only a planet born around BYD's industrial advantages, but also a dazzling star with its own field and external empowerment."