California Is Considering A Total Ban On Fuel Cars For Electric Vehicles

- Oct 13, 2017-

According to the bloomberg news on September 26th, the California air resources board chairman Mary Nichols said, follow the pace of China, California is also considering whether to ban vehicles and diesel cars, to reduce emissions, improve air quality.

Mary Nichols says the governor of California is in favor of a ban on fuel cars.

Given the size of California, the move could have an impact on the global auto industry.

The ban will force carmakers to develop electric vehicles, which now have more than 2m passenger vehicles in one state.

It is reported, now France, Britain and Scotland has announced plans to ban the sale of traditional fuel cars, China also recently said considering banning sales of fuel cars, but does not release the timetable.

After China announced plans to phase out sales of fossil fuel cars, Nichols said, "I got a message from the governor asking: why don't we do something?"

The governor has expressed interest in similar schemes, and why China can do it, and California can't."

California plans to carbon emissions in 2050 from the 1990 s value decreased by 80%, which actually need to California ten years earlier than stated goal of renewable energy to replace almost all of the fossil fuel.