Can Google Manufacture The Electric Cars

- Oct 24, 2016-

As an internationally renowned IT company, Google has invested a lot of manpower and financial resources in the new energy vehicles, APPLE, Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent are engaged in related fields of investment. According to the technical background of these IT companies, most of them are mainly develop the intelligent control system in the new energy vehicle, while in the structure and three-performance is still based on the backbone of the traditional field of technology upgrades and continued research and development.

In the past few years, analysts and experts are expected the US auto industry no long in Detroit but in Silicon Valley in the future. Evaluating of the future markets in emerging smart technologies and the application of autonomous driving technology, and the important structural factors in the world economy development in the next few years, experts are more inclined to trust these IT giants rather than the traditional car companies.

In recent years, high-tech companies have more capital support than traditional carmakers and have maintained a momentum of rapid growth, becoming the backbone of the new industry. Tesla is a good example.

Google has been testing autopilot cars for years, Apple also claimed that they will develop the electric vehicle business. At same time, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and Letv are swing to carry out their own electric car project. But so far, only Letv has the relevant products.

However, Google is more inclined to use their own technological advantages, based on the independent automotive technology rather than manufacturing cars. Their positioning is still the direction of basic technology rather than the actual application. Google may never intend to produce automatic driving vehicles. Just like Google’s Android system, Google does not seem to make much difference in making phones, but there is no doubt that Android is a success.