Mobile Phone Battery Charging Tips

- Nov 23, 2019-

If we want to extend the battery's effective use time, in addition to the quality of the charger must be guaranteed, the correct charging skills are also essential, because poor quality charger or wrong charging method will affect the battery life and Cycle life, the following is the charging technique that the author has compiled:

1. Before the battery leaves the factory, the manufacturer has activated the process and pre-charged it. Therefore, the battery has surplus power. Some friends say that the battery is charged according to the adjustment period. The standby is still seriously insufficient. If the battery is a genuine battery, this kind of In the case, the adjustment period should be extended and then 3-5 full charge and discharge.

2. If the newly purchased mobile phone battery is lithium ion, then the first 3-5 times of charging is generally called the adjustment period, and should be charged for more than 14 hours to ensure full activation of lithium ion activity. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, but they are highly sturdy and should be fully activated to ensure optimal performance in future use.

3. Some automated smart quick chargers only indicate that they are full of 90% when the indicator light changes. The charger will automatically change to charge the battery with slow charging. It is best to use the battery after it is fully charged, otherwise it will shorten the use time.

4. Before charging, the lithium battery does not need to be specially discharged. If it is improperly discharged, it will damage the battery.

5, try to charge slowly when charging, reduce the fast charge mode; time should not exceed 24 hours.

6. After three to five complete charge and discharge cycles, the internal chemical substances will be fully activated to achieve the best results.

7. Please use the charger of the original or reputable brand. Lithium battery should use the special charger for lithium battery and follow the instructions. Otherwise, the battery will be damaged or even dangerous.

8, there are many users do not know whether they are not paying attention or do not understand, often open the phone when charging, in fact, this will easily hurt the life of the phone, because in the process of charging, the phone's circuit board will be hot, at this time if When there is an external call, an instantaneous return current may be generated, which may cause damage to the internal parts of the mobile phone.