Charging For 20 Minutes, One Hour Of Life Is Still In The Concept Stage How To Shake The Drones Billion-dollar Market?

- Aug 14, 2019-

Nowadays, drones are very common in our lives. Most of the big scenes in film and television dramas and commercial advertisements are shot by drones. Many people also buy drones for singers to shoot landscapes, broad horizons and cool. The dazzling background makes many people like to use it to record life.

In fact, drones were first used in the military field. During the Second World War, the idea of using drones to fly bombs into enemy air was put forward. This idea was taken seriously. Later, drones were used in the Vietnam War and the Gulf War.

With the improvement of drone production technology and battery technology, the application range of drones is wider, and the cost is reduced to enable them to enter more people's lives. The market price of an ordinary aerial drone is about 3,000 yuan, which should be affordable for aerial photography enthusiasts.

In addition, drones are also used in geography, agriculture, rescue, transportation and other fields. In complex terrain, drones save money and save time. Dajiang, Yihang, Huawei, Jingdong and other high-tech companies are working to develop the entertainment and commercial drone market.

In terms of logistics and transportation, UAVs are committed to “delivering to the door”, and Jingdong, which is doing e-commerce logistics, is actively opening up a new world. Its drone successfully completed the first government-approved drone in Indonesia’s history. Cargo flight mission.

Most battery life is now only about half an hour, so you need to bring a spare battery for replacement. Even so, the requirements for batteries are very high. At present, most of the batteries used by drones are lithium polymer batteries, which are smaller in the same capacity.

Tesla, which has been doing a lot of electric cars, developed a drone a few years ago. Its battery capacity is 10,000 mAh, and it can fly for one hour at a time. The charging time is only 20 minutes. But this product is still in the conceptual design stage, when it is a mystery. For domestic drone companies, improving battery life, reducing machine weight, and strengthening competitiveness with international high-tech companies are things that must be solved.

Because of the rise of the drone industry, the industrial chain of related materials such as materials, electronic components, and lithium batteries has been brought alive. These products not only can guarantee domestic supply, but also export a large number of foreign countries to seize the international market. The development of the automotive industry is very similar. Relevant people predict that "the global drone market will develop into a market of 100 billion US dollars in the next 5 to 10 years", and breakthroughs in lithium battery technology will play a key role.