China Is Leading A $240 Billion EV Battery Market

- Aug 07, 2017-

Even those who think themselves for electric vehicle (EV) industry have a certain understanding of people, it's hard to say the names of the several electric vehicle battery supplier.

Most people will soon speak Japanese panasonic, samsung and LG chem, and panasonic and tesla Gigafactoy Nevada in January this year.Some deeper understanding of industry also pointed out that byd, it is China's leading electric car manufacturers, is also one of the world's largest battery supplier.However, in addition to these names, and perhaps one or two famous lower participants jumped out from people's mouth.

Nearly all will be surprised to find that China now has more than 140 electric vehicle battery manufacturers, they are busy to improve the production capacity, in order to in the future 20 years from the $240 billion a share in the electric vehicle industry around the world.Like all cars, electric vehicles, battery industry will become the major industry in China.

  A $240 billion EV battery market
Electric vehicle battery market space is large, it is very obvious.Wall Street research and the analysis of securities companies "senior car ShiEn Stan (Bernstein) predicts that in 20 years, the electric car will account for 40% of global car buying.Because of the global production and sales of almost 100 million cars, which means that the electric car market will reach 40 million vehicles a year, even if the global auto manufacturing volumes between now and then doesn't increase.

Assuming that the price of the battery with an internal combustion engine equals the cost of $6000, so a $240 billion battery industry are under development.Because the government emphasizes the problem of air pollution, China will lead in the field of electric vehicles and battery.

In order to meet the expected demand, global battery manufacturing capacity will need to raise, that is why Chinese battery manufacturer aggressive expansion.In 2014, tesla and panasonic announced that they plan to build a super Gigafactory battery factory, can produce 350 GWh of battery.However, when the battery capacity is less than 50 GWH.

In the past three years, great changes have taken place in capacity of the battery.In China, under the leadership of battery capacity has more than doubled, to 125 GWH, is expected to double by 2020, reaching 250 GWH.Even that is far cannot satisfy the demand.According to the forecast, from 2020 to 2037, the battery capacity will need to increase 10 times, the equivalent of in the meantime increase 60 Gigafactory super factory.

  Battery technology is developing towards China led
Battery technology originated in Japan, and then further development by the south Korean company, but is now moving into the direction of China's leading.China's battery production share in global production has surpassed Japan, and by 2020 will reach more than 70% of global production.

The rapid growth of China's electric car market, as well as the trend of Chinese auto assemblers use domestic product, herald a continued leading position in the field of battery manufacturing in China.According to the international consulting firm Roland Berger (Roland Berger) issued by the global electric car development index "in the second quarter of 2017 report, manufacturers in the production of electric cars in China, more than 90% of all use the local manufacture of lithium-ion batteries.

Because there are so many Chinese companies want to enter the batteries, the Chinese government is considering making policy, in order to improve the minimum production capacity of battery manufacturers, so as to further strengthen its position as a global leader.Although has not officially announced, but the Chinese government wants to each manufacturer produced each year at least 3-5 GWH battery.In addition, Beijing released in 2016, the end of the draft guidelines, manufacturers of batteries must be at least eight GWH capacity, subsidies can be attained.As to the signal from the market, the government is planning to support those annual production capacity of more than 40 GWH batteries the development of the company.

Although the panasonic is the world's largest electric car battery supplier, but Chinese companies are trying to catch up.Byd's battery production capacity, 20 GWh, lithium battery capacity is 7.7 GWh ningde era, is expected to reach 50 to 2020 GWh.Other battery factories including tianjin lishen and wanxiang group, develop the battery industry.Lishen plans by 2020 GWH 20 battery capacity, and universal group as early as in 1994 began to buy dozens of companies in the United States, including the 2013 purchase of A123 battery plant and 2014 acquisition of Fisker electric cars (Fisker Automotive).

The upcoming electric revolution means the internal combustion engine, every car assembly need batteries.Electric cars will drive the rapid growth of the huge development of battery industry around the world.