China Launches The World's Largest Floating Solar Power Plant

- Aug 16, 2017-

China's energy storage grid: the number of solar power stations in China is beyond the reach of any country in the world.A special solar power station is now being put into use in the eastern Chinese city of huainan.A few years ago only a few farmers made a living by fishing, ducks here on a lake, now are setting up a 160000 pieces of panels, a total installed capacity of 40 mw of the world's largest floating solar power plants.

To visit the newly built solar model power station in anhui province, China, the first step is to board a boat, according to the German radio station website.A few minutes later, the ship was passing by countless floating solar panels floating on the lake.The panels are fixed to a gray flat plastic case."It was a place where a coal mine collapsed and a huge lake formed," said jiang fan, who attended the giant floating solar power station in huainan.

Responsible for floating solar power plant design and construction of JASolar company in China, said the floating solar power stations is built to show people, solar panels besides can generate electricity and many other features.For example, this project will help protect water and ecological landscape."There are two things that are most notable," said schulz, the company's European manager.One is that there is no large area of seal, and the second is that the evaporation of water from lakes and reservoirs is significantly reduced.

The benefits of building floating solar power stations are not just about the need for expensive land, but also for generating more electricity, the report said.One reason is that the cooling of the solar panels increases the efficiency of electricity generation.

The second reason is that "water is less dust than land.Solar panels on the surface of the water have little dust, so they are more efficient and produce more electricity than land.

There are also drawbacks: floating power stations are more expensive to build and operate than similar land-based power stations.In order to avoid the corrosion of water, both the panels and the cable must be waterproof.On a daily basis, workers are sent to the surface of the lake to clear the algae, sometimes up to 12 people."If you don't clear the algae in time, you could have a huge loss," said jiang.As long as there is space, algae will grow.It will threaten the normal operation of the equipment.So if we find algae, we have to clear it."

The 160,000 panels and 40MW of installed capacity make it the world's largest floating solar power station, the report said.The electricity generated can meet the electricity demand of 15,000 households.Mr. Schultz of JaSolar solar says the project is more than a prototype."Many projects have automatically become the world's largest because of China's demand for electricity," he said.Here I want to say, this project is not a simple just as a landscape, just to tell people this is the world's largest floating solar power stations, but really out of demand for electricity."

At the same time, the floating power station also symbolized the change in the structure of the former coal-producing region of China's anhui province.Although there are still large coal-fired power stations with white smoke, they are no longer the only ones, said project manager jiang fan."Five years ago, only a few farmers lived on fish and ducks," said jiang.Because of the sunny weather here, we have made this area that was long and desolate once again lively."