China's Dominance Of The Lithium Battery Industry Has Shattered Europe's Electric Dream

- Jul 10, 2019-

In additon to Tesla and Ford in the United States,Volkswagen announced last November that it plans to invest $12 billion in China to produce 40 electric and hybrid car models by 2025.


Simone Tagliapietra,an analyst work at an enery think tank in Milan,says “only more” European carmakers going to China in the future.


Those companies who producing electric cars in China have 3 advantages:

1st,the ability to avoid heavy tariffs in the current global trade climate;

2nd,China is the world's largest market for electric cars;

3rd, more importantly,the lithium battery industry,which is the core technology in the field, is thriving in China.


Some other experts also pointed out that China's lithium battery industry is now  like  a “boom” ,but resource development and utilization capacity is backward, power battery technology level is not high, battery recycling system blank and other hidden worries, all above these issues have limited the competitiveness of the industry.Chinese enterprises entered the field of solid lithium battery relatively late and mainly supported by scientific research institutions or colleges,the industrialization process is slow.From a global perspective, European and American enterprises have lost their positions in this round of competition,but they are still potential strong competitors,as they are preparing for the next stage of competition.