China's First High - Cold High Altitude Clean Heating Project

- Nov 10, 2017-

China energy storage net news: on November 7, 12 sets of madoi county in qinghai national boarding middle school new energy-saving electric heating electric boiler, marks China's first cold, high altitude clean heating project officially put into operation.

The average elevation of mado county is high and the heating period is long, and the local residents can only rely on cow dung and coal for the winter, which is high in heating and environmental pollution.

Using fixed-point poverty alleviation funds this year, the national power grid, in clean energy heating madoi construction projects, the coal-fired boiler central heating area to clean heating, coal area, and the herdsmen settlement popularize electric heated floor, promote herding families electrification level year by year, finally realizes the clean heating within the scope of the county.

"The city of mardo county is divided into four districts to implement the electricity generation coal clean heating project."

The county's deputy chief, zhang qiang, said he planned to put all of his work into operation next year, when the city will be able to make full use of coal without coal.

Its qinghai province electric power company, said exhibition jie, director of the Marketing Department to make madoi county take the lead in becoming the upstream of the Yellow River and the qinghai-tibet plateau clean heating project demonstration county, and gradually to the three-river source area 11 counties and cities.

According to measure, madoi county city clean after all heating project put into operation, each alternative 27800 tons of standard coal, reduce the powdered carbon emissions of 18900 tons, 69400 tons of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide emissions of 02100 tons, 01000 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions.