China's First Large-scale Commercial Trough Type Photothermal Power Plant Was Successfully Used By Electricity

- Sep 18, 2017-

Chinese energy storage network: on August 31, the power of the 50mw thermal power plant was successfully used by CGN, which marked the entry of the project into the commissioning stage of the equipment.

The plant will be powered by electricity from 1656 on August 31 and will be completed successfully at 2317 on August 31.

The whole electrical process is within the plan and effective control, and the parameters of the electrical equipment and the meters are normal.

With a total of 2.46 square kilometers, the GCGN is China's first large-scale commercial trough thermal power station and the world's highest thermal power station.

The project undertakes the commercial verification of the trough-type photothermal power generation technology, and the important task of developing the integration capability of EPC system and establishing the technology and standard system of large-scale photothermal power station.

In the project, the ci by China can chienchung electrical engineering northwest hospital general contracting, northwest in turbine three company responsible for construction, will be installed at present domestic first taichung temperature high pressure duplex a reheat condensing steam turbine.