China's First Power Battery Recycling Service Network Platform Officially Launched

- Apr 19, 2020-

China's First Power Battery Recycling Service Network Platform Officially Launched

Developed by China Minmetals Group Changsha Mining and Metallurgical Research Institute Co., Ltd., the first domestic power battery recycling service network platform has been launched recently. The reporter learned that 37 companies in the industry have registered for half a month after the platform was launched, and the total amount of retired battery transactions is about 100 tons.

It is reported that China has more than 3.8 million new energy vehicles, and China has become the world's largest new energy vehicle market. With the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, a large number of power batteries are facing the problem of entering the retirement period.

China Minmetals Changsha Mining and Metallurgical Institute Power Battery Recycling Service Network Platform relies on the Hunan Power Battery Recycling Industry Alliance to introduce the concept and business model of the European Union ’s decommissioned battery recycling system to provide comprehensive solutions for the entire industry chain of decommissioned battery recycling, including retired battery recycling Information tracing, matching transactions, rapid battery detection and safety maintenance, warehousing escrow, logistics organization, and industry analysis, technical consulting, financial empowerment and other services.

Changsha Institute of Mining and Metallurgy has independently developed the comprehensive utilization technology of waste power batteries. A 5000-ton / year waste power battery recycling industrial demonstration line has been built and put into operation smoothly. Adopting the first new type of discharge-free intelligent disassembly and separation equipment, recycling process and environmental protection program pioneered at home and abroad, which can simultaneously meet the safe disassembly and recycling of ternary and lithium iron phosphate batteries, providing a set of safety, Clean, efficient and intelligent overall solution.

Under the strategic layout of the trinity of construction of waste power battery recycling system, stepped utilization of decommissioned power battery and resource utilization of waste power battery, Changsha Mining and Metallurgical Institute has initially formed a closed loop of power battery resource recycling.