China's Global Initiative For Driverless Electric Buses: 150 Kilometers At A Time

- Nov 16, 2017-

Now China is known as infrastructure spree, not only making big strides in infrastructure construction, and the innovation of pep, often can let the world surprised, on traffic facilities at the same time, China is also in constant grope for all kinds of new models, from hubei province economic and information commission, according to the latest news from east xiangyang station wagon co., LTD. And Beijing institute of technology joint research and development of the world's first automatic car driving electric city bus "physical" has been successfully completed in the factory the test, two prototypes are sent to shenzhen for live line test, the final is expected to officially operating in a particular area at the end of November.


It is understood that this automatic driving electric bus set of automatic control, architecture, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and many other technology at an organic whole, equipped with laser radar, millimeter wave radar, cameras, GPS antenna, and other hardware is to collect and perceive the surrounding environment, through the industrial computer, the vehicle controller, CAN network analyzing traffic environment, make braking, steering, parking, lighting, switch doors, such as instruction, to be able to respond to other road users and the unexpected.

At the same time, it has two modes: manual and automatic, which can be switched freely.

The vehicle is 6.7 meters long and can accommodate 25 people, with a top speed of 40 kilometers per hour and a range of 150 kilometers per hour. It only takes 40 minutes for electricity.

Energy conservation and high reliability are also highlights.

It adopts the domestic initiative to integrate the motor and rear axle integration technology to reduce the power consumption and prolong the mileage.

The transmission efficiency is increased by 2-3%, the anti-car feed capacity is increased by 10%, effectively reducing the power consumption and improving the economy of the vehicle;

The power and transmission system is also highly integrated to effectively release the chassis space.

High speed and high power density;

The reliability of the motor and core drive parts is 1.2 million km, the quality assurance range is increased by 5 years / 400,000 km, and the maintenance cost of the life cycle is reduced.