China's Lithium Ion Battery Is Highly Competitive In The Market

- Sep 21, 2017-

Lithium ion batteries generally refer to lithium alloy metal oxide as the positive electrode material.The anode material of li-ion battery is an important part of lithium ion battery. The main materials of lithium ion battery are lithium cobalt acid, lithium nickel acid, lithium manganese acid and lithium iron phosphate.The anode material determines the energy density, life and safety of lithium batteries, accounting for about 30% of the cost of lithium batteries.The performance of the battery has a direct impact on the performance indexes of the battery, which is a key factor in the battery performance and price.

In recent years, with the development of the lithium ion battery industry in China, the application field has been expanding rapidly and the market demand has increased rapidly.At the same time, lithium ion batteries have a high value in the positive materials of the anode materials, and the market is highly profitable, which makes a large number of enterprises in China enter the anode material industry of lithium ion batteries.

According to new thought world industry institute released "2017-2021, lithium battery cathode Material industry market situation and investment outlook report shows that at present, lithium ion battery cathode Material production enterprises in China is relatively more, which have a larger size and strength of enterprises have Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co., Ltd., shenzhen tianjiao Technology development Co., Ltd., hunan shanshan new Material Co., Ltd., Jin Ruixin materials Technology Co., Ltd., etc., the company production of lithium ion battery cathode Material is of high performance, high product quality, large scale enterprise development, enterprise operating condition is good, enterprise capacity utilization rate is higher.In general, these enterprises have strong strength in the positive material industry of lithium ion battery, with relatively high production process and technical level and high market value of positive electrode materials.

Industry analysts say that the production of lithium ion battery anode materials enterprises in our country is relatively decentralized, and the number is more, the scale of production and production technical level also to have certain differences, under construction or planned projects are also growing.In 2014, the total output of the anode material of lithium ion battery in China reached 2030,000 tons.Visible lithium ion battery cathode material industry more competitive, overcapacity makes companies increase the intensity of research and development of new anode materials, shorten the enterprise research and development cycle, improve product performance, the positive electrode materials with high competitive advantage in the market.At the same time, companies are actively expanding their overseas business, expanding their market size and increasing their market share in the global market.Generally speaking, the market competition of lithium ion battery anode materials industry in China is more intense, the industry has excess capacity, and the market development environment needs further improvement.