China's Megawatt Wind Turbines Are Exporting Overseas For The First Time

- Oct 23, 2017-

China energy storage network: on October 18, zhongche zhuzhou electric motor co., LTD., a manufacturer of wind power units in the top 10 of the world, signed a contract for supply of the framework contract.

It is the first time a Chinese megawatt wind turbine has exported to overseas high-end markets.

Senvion, based in Hamburg, Germany, has an important presence in the global onshore wind market and offshore wind market.

According to the agreement, the next three years, both sides have reached a depth of cooperation in the field of megawatt wind turbine, the 3 mw generator series products such as assembly and running to the European Union, North America, Oceania and other wind power market.

Car in China, vice President of Yu Weiping said at the signing ceremony marked the signing on car motor will enter the global wind power in the high-end market, to promote the car to become an international leading wind power equipment company has far-reaching strategic significance.

The reporter learned that the 37mw - 144-144 model of the Chinese car was far above the domestic industry level and even higher than the global industry standard.

Car in zhuzhou motor co., LTD., chairman of Zhou Junjun expectation, through high-quality, value products and services, efforts to create a more broad space for cooperation, jointly explore global wind power market.

Learned, Senvion generator project not only is China's first wind turbine operation project independent export to Europe, is the world famous Senvion wind turbine manufacturer, first select wind turbines supply from outside Europe.