China's New Energy Vehicles Have Won Three Major Advantages, Or Faster Than The U.S.

- Aug 23, 2017-

China energy storage net news: the world famous strategic management consulting firm Roland berger recently released by the global electric car development index "in the second quarter of 2017, according to a report in China for the first time in the electric vehicle development index ranking the world's first.

In the eyes of industry experts, China's new-energy electric vehicle development has gained advantages in technology, market and "Internet connection".

A sharp rise in production and marketing data

The latest data from the China association of automobile manufacturers shows that in the first half of the year, new energy vehicles achieved two million sales.In June, the production and sales of new energy vehicles completed 65,000 vehicles and 59,000 vehicles respectively, up 43.4% and 33.0% respectively.In the first half of the year, the cumulative sales volume was 212,000 units and 195,000 vehicles, up 19.7% and 14.4% year on year.At present, the Chinese market has become one of the most important new energy vehicles in the world.

Experts believe that China's new energy electric vehicle development has achieved three advantages.

First of all, technological progress has been advancing by leaps and bounds.Five years ago, China's electric vehicle had a range of only 100 kilometers, and now the cost of the battery is reduced by nearly half, the performance is up by 30%, and the range is up to 300km.

Second, the market scale international leadership.Five years ago, China produced just 10,000 new energy vehicles, now more than half a million.Assistant secretary general of the China association of automobile manufacturers and He Pengshui, director of the department, at present China has become the world's biggest, new energy automobile market in 2016 has made new energy vehicles, annual sales volume first, ownership first, charging pile built the first number of results.

Third, the "Internet federation" first step.Says YanMaoSheng, general manager of China mobile traffic industry solutions division, countries have forced new energy vehicles must be connected to the Internet now, future development direction is intelligent, snatched, sharing, lightweight, "made" landing will make our country in the future competition in the global auto industry.

There is a considerable distance to "leading" the industry

"The global auto industry is being reshaped, and new energy vehicles and smart Internet vehicles have become an important opportunity for China to shift from a big car country to a car powerhouse."Said ding hongxiang, deputy general manager of China machinery industry group co.

On the road to this opportunity, China has taken a critical step, but it is still a long way from reaching the "lead".Assistant secretary general of the China association of automobile manufacturers and technology department director He Pengshui, new energy vehicles in China "SanDian", that is, batteries, electric control, motor also has a larger gap with the advanced level, in the process of industrialization facing power battery life travel distance is short, short, poor environmental adaptability of technical problems.

Beijing automotive group co., LTD. New energy vehicles, such as management department ZhanWenZhang expert thinks, no matter what the car, the key or core systems, components, now domestic smart cars from perception, calculation to control the core of the equipment are all abroad, new energy vehicles of hybrid drive systems are mostly local outsourcing, or even the entire system is outsourcing, large external dependency.In addition, the industry also has the key components to rely on import, integration low.

YanMaoSheng said, compared with some advanced countries, although in "made" new energy vehicles industry in China have walk first one step, but there are still large gap in the field of "smart", transportation infrastructure construction and retrofit and space is larger, the prospect of intelligent transportation infrastructure, such as road, intelligent traffic lights, and the application of these facilities on the vehicles have also obviously deficiencies.

Promotion speed or faster than the United States

Gac Zhang Xizhong new energy sales manager, told reporters that at present the main buyers of new energy vehicles is an user and leasing companies, more concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, tianjin, nanjing and other places, and started to aim at wuhan, zhongshan, foshan, such secondary cities.

"Due to the layout of infrastructure such as charging pile, there is an obvious regional imbalance in the development of electric vehicles in China.But it also means that the market has huge potential."Experts say.

YanMaoSheng said that the whole auto industry sales in China last year was about 28 million vehicles, including new energy automobile sales of 507000 units, although itself has realized great-leap-forward development, production and sales but accounts for the whole car market share of only 1.8%, very low.On the other hand, it also means that the market prospect of China's new energy vehicles is very broad.Decided to auto industry the future pattern in the final analysis, or the vehicle itself, new energy vehicles have a very good development opportunities and prospects, also need to through technological breakthroughs and improve overall performance.