China's Wind Turbines Are Completed In The Most Windy Fields In Sweden

- Sep 23, 2017-

China energy storage net news: recently, the Swedish bracken wind field completion ceremony held in Sweden bracken lake, bracken completed and put into production of wind field to become red in the field of new energy cooperation between the two countries in a new milestone.

According to introducing, bracken wind field by Swedish xie ruffle theo electric power company and Finland futeng two famous Nordic region energy companies, a total investment of nearly 3.3 billion kronor ($406 million), a total of 99 turbines installed and a total installed capacity of 247.5 MW, the European Union NER300 model wind of the plans to support.The four-phase construction of the bracken wind power project in Sweden is now fully completed and is the largest onshore wind farm in Sweden and the second largest in Europe.Three or four of the 39 low-temperature DF2.5 mw-110 devices are provided by dongfang electric, which is the largest order for wind power projects by Chinese companies in Sweden.

Sweden is a pioneer in the application and promotion of new energy resources.By 2020, Sweden will have more than 10 gigawatts of installed wind power capacity, and the market is promising.