China Will Open Its First Floating Wind Power Project In 2019

- Oct 24, 2017-

China's energy storage network: after years of slow development, the Chinese offshore wind market has been attracting more wind companies' eyes and accelerating development in the past two years.

On October 17-19, the 2017 Beijing international wind energy conference and exhibition, known as the wind turbine industry, was held in Beijing.

Shanghai electric wind power group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai electric) overall said at the meeting, director xu move, Shanghai electric will be involved in the construction of China's first floating type wind power demonstration project.

Conventional offshore wind turbines are usually anchored to the seabed by a pedestal.

But offshore floating wind turbines will be placed in the deep ocean and can be exposed to strong winds deep in the ocean, and wind efficiency is greatly improved.

According to the xinhua news agency, Norway's national oil company, announced on October 18th, is located in the North-East Scotland coast the world's first floating offshore wind farm has been formally put into production operation, to about 20000 households with power.

Scottish sea wind wind farm is located in the coast of Scotland aberdeenshire black Peter DE 25 km of the sea, with a total installed capacity of 30 mw, by the Norwegian state oil company and the united Arab emirates ABU dhabi horse starr, joint operations, cost around 190 million pounds ($250 million).

Mr Xu said China's first offshore wind-turbine demonstration project, scheduled to start in 2019, began in 2015 and was built in the east China sea.

However, China's maritime environment is very different from abroad. It has encountered many challenges and needs to find a plan to adapt itself to floating in the sea.

Different, the wind, the fan manufacturers release new offshore wind occupied the majority of booth location, fan manufacturers are vigorously launched several offshore wind new models.

Goldwind has released a new generation of offshore megawatt products called gw6.x and integrated solutions.

The platform adopts the direct drive permanent magnet technology route with a rated Internet power of 6.45-6.7 MW, which can carry 154 meters, 164 meters and 171 meters of large impeller diameter.

Goldwind science and technology, the chairman of wuhan, said GW6. X platform, China more than 6 mw large capacity fan technology developed mature, open the commercial application of era, driving the development of China offshore wind scale.

Shanghai electric has released a more powerful Marine fan - swt-7.0-154, with a power of 7MW.

The 7MW unit is the largest offshore wind turbine generator with the largest capacity in the world.

In addition to the new onshore wind turbines, the new offshore wind turbines have also been introduced in the light and long-term energy sources.

The new offshore wind turbines released by vista are known as en-148/4.5 MW, and Ming Yang is called MySE5.5-155.

According to the two companies' introduction, the design of these two models mainly aimed at China's coastal low-wind area, anti-typhoon performance.

"The rapid development of onshore wind power in the last few years has entered a stable period, and the competition in the unknown offshore wind market is sure to become more competitive."

Shanghai electric at the exhibition, a staff member told the interface news reporter.

Before 2015, China's offshore wind power development was slow.

According to the offshore wind power industry monitoring system, as of the end of July 2015, 44 projects that have been included in the development of offshore wind power development projects have been completed and put into operation only two, with installed capacity of 61,000 kw.

The nea even reported slow progress on 44 offshore wind projects.

According to statistics from the China wind energy association, the total installed capacity of China's wind power was 23.37 million kilowatts in 2016, and the total installed volume reached 169 million kilowatts.

Among them, the new installed capacity of offshore wind power is 59,000kw, with a cumulative capacity of 1.63 million kw.

According to the 13th five-year plan for renewable energy development, by the end of 2020, the construction of offshore wind power in China will be 10 million kilowatts, ensuring that it will be 5 million kilowatts.

Offshore wind is expected to accelerate in the coming years, but Xinjiang Goldwind Science&Technology Co., Ltd., chief engineer, said at the wind energy conference that the industry still has a lot of pain.

The construction window of the sea is short and the cost of operation is difficult to control, which is a common problem for offshore wind power.

China's offshore wind power also faces long coastline, but the wind resources distribution is different, the terrain complex challenge.

ZhaiEn said, according to different wind resource condition and seabed sea condition, how to choose the fan, set models, determine the impeller diameter, reduce KWH cost, for the single machine manufacturers, design institute and construction are all challenges.

"At present, the sea area is more and more restricted, and it is not as planned to use the sea area as it was when it was first started. After the approval, the variables have become smaller and smaller."

"Said Mr Zhai.

In this situation, if the fan is well placed, the wake will be very large, and the fan will have a fatigue load, which will be another problem for the manufacturer and the developer.