China Will Realize The Industrialization Of New Lithium Battery

- Nov 15, 2016-

According to Xinhua News Agency, China's new lithium-ion battery will achieve industrialization, the intelligent battery manufacturing, product price increased dramatically from now to 2020. The news is from the 9th International Conference on the new lithium battery electric vehicles.

According to the deputy director of the Ministry of Science and High Technology Research and Development Center Bian Shuguang, currently the world's lithium-ion battery production is mainly concentrated in China, Japan, South Korea, where the largest number of Chinese enterprises, the largest production capacity.
“ At present, China has formed a relatively complete industrial chain of lithium-ion battery system, mastering battery recipe design, structral design and manufacturing technology, and the production line has gradually transferred into fully automatic large-scale mabufacturing. “ Bian Shuguang said.
Bian Shuguang pointed out that there is a big gap in the high-end materials and related research, battery safety, rekiability and systems management technology with advanced foreign enterprises.

According to reports, "Twelve Five" period China's lithium-ion battery energy density of 160 Wh / kg or more, the cost is less than 3 yuan / watt. According when "Made in China 2025", by 2020, China's lithium-ion battery energy density will reach 300 Wh / kg.

As the wildly used in new energy vehicles, the technology of lithium-ion battery significantly influenced the development of new energy automotive industry.

In the future, our main task is making the popularity of plug-in hybrid, pure ecectric vehicles and other new energy vehicles. So it is the key task of our battery development to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing, test methods and standards, verification system, Bian Shuguang said.