Chinese Academy Of Sciences Chen Yongzheng: Pioneer Of Lithium-Ion Flow Battery Technology

- Jan 08, 2020-

Lithium-ion flow battery ignites new revolution

In an exclusive interview with China Energy Storage Network, Chen Yongzheng has always advocated that science is not far from life. And he and his team are adhering to the concept that science originates from life and is used for life. With the support of the national 863 project plan and the investment support of Beijing Haofeng Solar Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd., the concept of lithium ion flow battery has been completed. Proposals and verification of technical principles. 15 national patents have been applied for, of which 6 have been authorized. The most important thing is that an innovative design based on the idea of decoupling the internal resistance of the battery currents invented by Chen Yongchen and his team is the world's first!

At present, lithium-ion batteries are popular because of their high energy density as electric vehicle power batteries, but they also have unavoidable shortcomings. One is a safety issue and the other is a cost issue. One advantage of flow batteries is that they can convert energy Separate from power, it has lower cost and higher safety when applied to large-scale energy storage. In order to solve the practical problems of lithium-ion batteries, Chen Yongzheng proposed the concept of a lithium-ion flow battery, which combines the advantages of two types of batteries to allow the fixed poles of the lithium-ion battery to flow.

From the proposal of the concept to the verification of the technical principles, there are unknown hardships and hardships. As Mr. Lu Xun praised, the first person to eat crabs is admirable. If not a warrior, who would dare to eat it? ? Chen Yongzheng and his team are such a group of warriors. There are no shortcuts on the road to scientific research. Propose concepts, derive formulas, theoretical verifications, and technical verifications. If they don't work, try again. Such overthrows, verifications, overthrows, and re-verifications, they are tireless in this strange and emerging field. Take every step! They are not afraid of difficulties, as Chen Yongzheng said, this is the most basic quality of researchers. After more than 3 years, Chen Yongzheng and his team have made significant breakthroughs in the research of lithium ion flow batteries.

At the Beijing International Energy Storage Conference held on May 24, Chen Yongzheng first publicly introduced the research progress and breakthroughs of lithium ion flow batteries. He pointed out that lithium-ion flow batteries have the following characteristics: first, its electrode suspension has a high viscosity, which has special requirements for the design of the battery reactor; second, the electrochemical reaction occurs inside the fluid, not on the fixed electrode surface Therefore, the electrode suspension can flow intermittently or continuously; third, it provides a unique way to take advantage of the advantages of lithium intercalation materials: as long as the material lattice does not collapse, the repeated expansion and contraction of the volume of the particles causes the material to pulverize and does not affect the material's circulation Performance; fourth, the current energy density of the battery is between all-vanadium flow batteries and lithium-ion batteries, and there is still much room for improvement in the future; fifth, the battery can be maintained and recycled; sixth, and large-scale lithium Compared with the battery pack, the safety is greatly improved.

The lithium-ion flow battery combines the characteristics of the lithium-ion battery and the flow battery, avoiding the shortcomings of both sides, and is very suitable for the requirements of the construction of distributed energy energy stations in the future! It can be imagined that the moment when the lithium ion flow battery moves from the laboratory to the quantification factory, it will definitely set off a huge wave in the field of energy storage and ignite the arrival of a new revolution!