Chinese Building Materials Successfully Realized The Localization Of Lithium Battery Membrane

- Oct 17, 2017-

China energy storage net news: recently, the China building materials group co., LTD belongs to sinoma lithium film co., LTD. Held in shandong tengzhou "annual output of 240 million square meters of lithium battery diaphragm construction project" first production test seminar, marks a break the foreign monopoly, China building materials group, lithium battery materials is implemented in the final localization of key material, also marks the China building materials group, lithium-ion battery diaphragm's research and development, production capacity has been one of the world's leading position.

Lithium battery diaphragm as one of the key materials for lithium-ion batteries, lithium battery materials is the highest technical barriers in a high value-added material, also is the last of the lithium battery materials to realize the localization of key materials.

The first phase of the project has built 200 million square meters of lithium battery diaphragm production line and 40 million square meters of lithium film coating production line.

China building materials will be in mass production project as an opportunity, and strive to establish lithium film industry become the industry influential pillar industry, provide the market with the high quality lithium battery diaphragm, for the country's new energy vehicle program and make greater contribution to the development of new material industry.