Chinese Scientists Have Developed A 3D Conical Device To Increase Solar Thermal Conversion

- Apr 18, 2018-

Chinese scientists have developed a new three-dimensional hollow cone structure that can greatly increase the efficiency of solar thermal conversion.

According to the latest attached English magazines in Chinese academy of sciences "national science reviews" an article published online, the group Zhu Jia and nanjing university named artificial device inspired by trees transpiration process of transpiration.

The article says it has a special one-dimensional waterway that can reduce energy loss in conduction.

The cone structure based on the oxide film can collect more sunlight throughout the day, since about 10 to 50 percent of the sunlight is diffuse.So it does better in the real world than in the lab.

As a result, the device could raise the solar thermal conversion rate to 85 percent, well above the 40 percent of normal equipment.

Because of radiation, convection and conduction losses, solar energy conversion rates are low, so solar energy is not used in many fields.The device will open up new possibilities for solar power.

Zhu's team used the structure for the first time to treat solar wastewater, and tests showed it could not only recycle clean water, but also recycle heavy metals such as copper and cadmium.

The structure could be further optimized in the future to extend life and recover more heavy metals, the article said.