Chinese Scientists Have Developed A New Type Of Aluminum - Graphene Battery

- Jan 04, 2018-

Recently, the zhejiang university superb team developed a new type of aluminum - graphene battery, charging can be completed in just a few seconds, circulation charge put continue to power after the 250000 times, and show a heat-resistant, antifreeze, bent over and over again does not affect the performance and other excellent properties, shows a broad application prospect.

According to the People's Daily on January 3, a deep grey film of metallic luster is the latest development of the team's aluminum - graphene batteries.Its positive electrode is graphene thin film, negative is metal aluminum.Connect two batteries together to light up a set of LED lights.After testing, the positive ratio of graphene reached 120mAh/g (milliampere per gram), and remained 91 percent of the capacity after the circulation of 250,000 cycles.At the same time, the magnification performance is excellent, the quick charge can be full of electricity in 1.1 seconds, and still has the reversible ratio of 111mAh/g.

At the same time, the battery can work in temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius, which is both high temperature and cold.In an environment of minus 30 degrees Celsius, the new type of battery can deliver up to 1,000 charges and discharge, while in the 100-degree environment, it can achieve 45, 000 stable cycles.The new type of battery is flexible, folding it 10, 000 times and holding it completely.And even if the core is exposed to the flame, it will not fire or explode.

"This kind of aluminum - graphene 'super' batteries, performance and cycle life than other batteries, higher energy density than supercapacitors have, quite the ratio of performance and cycle life."Professor of polymer science and engineering, zhejiang university.