Chinese Scientists Have Invented Lithium Batteries That Can Be Used At Minus 70 Degrees

- Mar 06, 2018-

Chinese scientists have developed a lithium-ion battery that can be used at minus 70 degrees Celsius and is expected to be used in extreme cold regions and even outer space.

Published in the latest issue of journal of the American energy academic journal of joule, according to a study by fudan university, China Xia Yong yao's team to develop new battery USES the low freezing point, but under the condition of extreme low temperature conduction of ethyl acetate as the electrolyte, and use two kinds of organic compounds as electrode, respectively PTPAn PNTCDA anode and cathode.

The electrolyte is a chemical medium that moves between two electrodes, but the electrochemical reaction at the junction of electrolyte and electrode at low temperatures is difficult to sustain.

the researchers said, unlike traditional lithium ion batteryelectrode, the electrode using organic compounds do not rely on "embedded" process, which don't need to embed the lithium ion electrode molecular matrices, avoids the embedded under the condition of low temperature process is slow.

"The ethyl acetate electrolyte and organic polymer electrodes allow rechargeable batteries to work at extremely low temperatures of minus 70 degrees Celsius," he said.

Conventional lithium-ion batteries perform only 50 per cent of their optimal level at minus 20 degrees Celsius, and only 12 per cent of the optimal level at minus 40 degrees Celsius.Temperatures in extremely cold regions such as Russia and Canada are below -50 degrees Celsius;In space, the temperature is even as low as minus 157 degrees Celsius.

Mr. Xia said the new battery materials are plentiful, cheap and environmentally friendly compared with the conventional lithium-ion ones, which he expects to cost about a third of the price.

But the main challenge, the researchers acknowledge, is that the battery's unit mass energy is not as good as the commercially available lithium ion battery, and the production process needs to be optimized.Despite this, xia believes it has significant application potential.