Chongqing Built The First Photovoltaic Educational Science Popularization Education Base

- Sep 14, 2017-

China energy storage net news: 8, the reporter learns from its Chinese chongqing electric power company, chongqing's first photovoltaic student popular science education base in the city wansheng is built, the base by wansheng stone forest elementary school and its QiNa & power supply company, in addition to the photovoltaic science education geared to the needs of students, the base of the photovoltaic power station generating revenue, will also be used for all the city wansheng shilin elementary school student of ta and poor students.

According to the introduction, the photovoltaic student science popularization education base, located in chongqing wansheng district shilin primary school near shilin primary school, including the photovoltaic power station, popularization education exhibition hall and other plate facilities.The photovoltaic power station consists of 12 solar panels, with a capacity of 3.18 kilowatts and a photovoltaic power generation rate of nearly 3,000 yuan per year.

Chongqing wansheng shilin, said an official with the primary QiNa power supply company is the base of stakeholders and the construction, the school will organize regular students visit the base, power supply company is responsible for the maintenance of photovoltaic devices."This model has both pedagogical significance and real economic value, and it is also very public."

Priorities of chongqing electric power company, officials said NaTong power substation is power substation the nation "universal" ten towns and one of the pilot, the popularization of new energy and the function of the social public welfare, so the first pv student popular science education base is located in the power substation.In the future, we will also consider setting up more photovoltaic educational science education base in the city for students to study and visit, and implanting power knowledge and environmental protection ideas from childhood.