Chongqing's First Photovoltaic Power Station Energy-saving Demonstration Park Project Was Completed And Put Into Use

- Nov 14, 2017-

China energy storage net news: recently, overseas students pioneer park, jiulongpo district intelligent photovoltaic power station grid electricity, which means that the first photovoltaic power station energy-saving demonstration garden project of chongqing formally completed putting-in-service proactively, and represent another solid pace of development of clean energy.


This row of neat blue metal plate is called solar panels, through it, the sun can be fully absorbed, real-time into current into the power grid for the use of the park, very convenient and quick.

As the city's first photovoltaic power station energy-saving demonstration garden project, the overseas students pioneer park intelligent photovoltaic power station is located in the silurian jiulongpo district overseas students pioneer park B building roof, with a total investment of 4.25 million yuan, plant installed capacity of 354 kw, a complete set of photovoltaic modules from 1231 pieces of 270 w polycrystalline, 35 block 280 w polycrystalline, 11 280 w heel type, 11 blocks of 265 w of double glass, it is mainly used for low rizhao area efficient photovoltaic research and testing.

"Annual generating capacity of 300,000 degrees, generating economic gain of $320,000.

At the same time, it has a very good environmental benefit. It can save 116 tons of standard coal and 289 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.Chongqing huiteng energy co., LTD. Chairman shen zhenghua said.

The plant has been operating normally for three days.It can generate up to 1200 degrees per day to meet the daily basic electricity of the park.In order to facilitate the later management, the project also developed a corresponding energy monitoring center to monitor and analyze all the equipment in real time.

It is understood that photovoltaic power generation is a technology that USES the photoelectric voltage effect of the semiconductor interface to convert light energy directly into electricity.

Compared with conventional thermal power generation, photovoltaic power generation is more secure, reliable and clean, which can be widely used in various fields.

"Photovoltaic power generation can be widely used in many fields, such as construction, agriculture and fisheries.At present, we mainly focus on clean energy technology research and development based on chongqing and surrounding cities.Next, we hope to rely on this demonstration project to bring good technologies and products to the whole country so that more people can enjoy the health and convenience brought by photovoltaic clean energy.Chongqing huiteng energy co., LTD. Chairman shen zhenghua said.