Renault Will Use A Solid-state Battery With Zero Cobalt Content In 2025

- Oct 25, 2019-

The next step in the development of automotive power batteries will be solid-state lithium-ion batteries because it is lighter, safer and faster to charge. Like Toyota, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, they have a soft spot for solid-state batteries. The latter has set clear targets. In 2025, electric vehicles with solid-state batteries will be launched.

Now, Renault has a new idea for solid-state batteries, and solid-state batteries that do not contain cobalt seem to be more interesting. Recently, Renault's senior vice president Gilles Normand said that by 2025, Renault's electric vehicles may use solid-state batteries with zero cobalt content.

It is reported that a new generation of solid-state battery products will be supported by battery company Ionic Materials. The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance invested $65 million (approximately $464.6 billion) in the battery company in 2018 to develop new battery technologies. According to information on the Ionic Materials website, the company hopes to manufacture batteries in Massachusetts, although the plant has not yet been built.

Cobalt is a precious metal currently required in lithium-ion batteries, but global cobalt supply has always had a difficult problem, and it may soon become a major bottleneck restricting mass production of electric vehicles. According to some data, it is estimated that the demand for cobalt in electric vehicles will increase to 225,000 tons per year in the next 8 years, but cobalt mining and deep processing technologies are relatively lagging behind, which is obviously not a good for the high-speed development of the lithium battery industry. Message.

Eliminating the dependence on cobalt has gradually become the main goal of every battery manufacturer. Since 2009, Tesla and Panasonic have started cooperative development of electric vehicle batteries. Matsushita announced in 2018 that it plans to cut the cobalt content of large-scale batteries by half in 2-3 years. Tesla CEO Musk is also very radical, he also wants to use cobalt directly to zero.

From this point of view, Renault announced that it will not use cobalt-containing solid-state batteries in 2025, the main reason is to reduce costs and avoid resource constraints. In 2018, the total sales of Renault electric vehicles increased by 37% year-on-year, and any “throttle” measures will bring considerable profits in the future.