Comparison Table Of NMC & LFP Lithium Battery

- May 14, 2020-

Comparison Table of NMC & LFP Lithium Battery From PLB

Cost (KWh)170USD/KWh180USD/KWh
Cathode MaterailLithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP)Lithium   Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide
    (LiNiMnCoO2 or NMC)
Anode MaterialGraphiteCarbon
Nominal Voltage (V)3.23.6
Life Span2000-5000800~2000
Thermal runaway270°C (518°F) Very safe battery even if fully charged210°C   (410°F) typical.
    High charge promotes thermal runaway
Charging Rate0.5~1C0.5~1C
Discharging Rate25-30C   continuous, 2V cut-off
    (lower than 2V causes damage)
2C continuous, 2.50V cut-of
Charging Time~3hr~3hr
Safety PerformanceSafePotential Safety Hazard
Charging Temp.0-60 0-45
Discharging Temp.-30-55 -20-45
CommentsVery   flat voltage discharge curve but low capacity.
    One of safest
    Li-Ions. Elevated self-discharge
Provides   high capacity and high power. Serves as Hybrid Cell. This chemistry is often   used to enhance
Data and info collets by Darcy Huang from Dongguan PLB   Technology Co., Ltd.